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Whitehorse Public Library Board

The Whitehorse Public Library Board is composed of up to seven community members appointed by the Minister of Community Services. The board advises the Director of Public Libraries on the delivery of library services at Whitehorse Public Library, including collections and programs.

The board also advocates for the library and gathers community input on library services. If you would like to send your comments or suggestions on library services to the WPL Board, please email

If you are interested in joining the Whitehorse Public Library Board, please submit an application to the Boards and Committees Secretariat.

Board Members Profiles

Lyndsey Beal

I have always been a fervent lover of books. Some of my earliest memories are of those special days that included a trip to the local library in my hometown, Golden, BC. I viewed the library as a magical place, and never ran out of books I wanted to check out and bring home. More often than not, I would be over the limit when it came time to check out! In university, I translated my love of books into the focus of my education, studying medieval scholastics, arts & culture. This included a close study of archival collections in the Special Collections wing, opening up a whole new world of wonders. Since completing university and moving to Whitehorse permanently, I found that I had not spent as much time at the library as I used to, something that I wanted to change. I am also always looking for a way to contribute to this wonderful community that I am so grateful to call home. I feel that being a member of the Public Library Board is a way to combine these two goals, and as a way to give back to all the libraries that have been such a pivotal part of my life.

Karen Loos

I came to the Yukon 21 years ago with my husband and four young children. As a homeschooling family, the Whitehorse  Public Library has played a very important role in our lives. Reading aloud was always the highlight of our days and it was so much fun to share all my old favourite novels with my children as they grew. Of course, I discovered many new favourites that I had missed. Now that my children have grown up I have more time for my own reading and I appreciate having such a great supply of interesting books at the library. I look forward to the day when I’ll be reading to my grandchildren. I believe one of the greatest gifts you can give is to foster a love of reading.  

Dr. Aynslie Ogden

I have lived in the Yukon for the past 15 years. During this time, I have been involved in leading and coordinating research. I presently work in the Executive Council Office as Yukon Government’s Senior Science Advisor.  I am also a member of the Adjunct Faculty at Yukon College, and am registered with professional associations in B.C as a forester, agrologist and biologist.  My husband Scott and I are the proud parents of two six year old boys. In our free time, my family of avid readers enjoys skiing, camping and travelling together, as well as spending time at our cottage in Haines Junction.

Melissa Madden

Libraries are my favourite public space because they are great social unifiers, offering equal access to information and technology for anyone that seeks it. I love going to libraries, no only to borrow items, but to experience the diversity of my loca community. As for my favourite items to borrow: I almost always have a Lonely Planet travel book checked out to help me with my next adventure. I also love cookbooks, new fiction, and imperfect books with well-broken in spines because it means they have a good history.


Genevieve Chabot

As far back as I can remember, I have loved books. Their smell, their covers, the way they are neatly (or not) arranged on bookshelves. Growing up in a family of readers, some of my earliest memories are of me reading French cartoons under my pillow after lights out. Although I have moved on to other genres such as classics, contemporary fiction, biography and psycho-pop, I still feel the same excitement when cracking open the spine of my next literary find. It is perhaps not surprising, then, that the first thing I did after moving to Whitehorse in 2013 was to get my library card. It is an honour for me to now sit on this Board.

Donrikson Moore

Since arriving in Whitehorse, I have been a frequent visitor to the Whitehorse Public Library both at its old location in the legislative building and its new location. Along with the selection of books, the library has served as a great meeting place for reading groups, a place of interaction for residents and as a resource for those interested in the capital's history. I look forward to working with the board and staff in ensuring that residents, as well as visitors, have continued access to reading material in a community friendly environment.